Working Out with Relaxed Hair

What does working out have to do with being vegan? The vegan lifestlye is not strictly about the types of food choices one makes. It’s easy to simply say that being a vegan comes with easy health benefits but…it takes hard work. Maintaining weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower glucose levels, and high energy comes with an added component…exercise. 

Working out can be a strenuous and even annoying task, but it’s necessary. The most aggravating thing about being a black woman with relaxed hair who workouts are bad hair days. There are many active blogs related to women of color who exercise, but most of them are natural. It puts me and I’m sure other women in a tough spot. Because my hair has been chemically altered some of the same products used on natural women do not have the same effect on relaxed women. I asked my stylist what I should do about my new workout regimen and my hair. Her advice was for me to wear a headband and wash my hair once a week. I can’t speak for anyone else but when I workout…I workout. I’m completely drenched in sweat and that includes my hair. 

I love working out and I came into a bit of difficulty when i got this super cute Ashlee Simpson bob haircut. The back of my hair was too short to put into a bun so I opted for twisted styles. My hair eventually grew out and I was able to go back to buns. 



1. Co-wash in between workouts as necessary 

2. Pick a hair drying method. (I hate using heat in my hair so I air dry on workout days…it’s a personal preference)

3. Pick a quick post-workout style (I like buns, rolls, and twists)

4. Find a styling product(s) that suits your style. (I am not sure if this product is cruelty-free but I still have  a full bottle left, Fantasia Pure Tea Instant Oil Moisturizer)

5. Keep it moving. Don’t fear that working out will ruin you hair. The benefits of constant and consistent exercise are immeasurable in the vegan and herbivore lifestyle. 


Any tips?

New Vegan New World

I have spent most of my life in the confines of a comfortable meat-eating American life. I don’t have any allergies or health concerns when I go out to eat, shop, or vacation. After reading two books, How To Be Vegan and Main Street Vegan, I took the plunge into the vegan lifestyle. I now have to question all of the food and products that I not only consume but purchase.

How do I take the steps that will lead to a healthier vegan life?  Which products are best to fit my new lifestyle choice while also taking into account my personal preferences? Can I do this alone? I am here to answer these questions for myself with a little help along the way.