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Baby Shower Blues

First off I have no children and have no plans of having any for at least another 15 years. I went to a baby shower this past weekend and broke the cardinal rule of attending a non-vegan gathering: eat before you come or bring enough food to share. I did neither.

Before I left the house I knew my options would be limited. I was already hungry from not having ate anything all day. I decided to attend the shower last minute and quickly stuffed some granola bars in my purse and headed out. Once I got to the shower I consulted the hostess about the dinner that evening. She told me what was made and there was nothing for me to eat. The granola bars were only going to hold out for so long so I had to get creative. I found out that they were serving roti, which is a Guyanese flatbread with Indian influences. I assumed that because it resembled a tortilla it would not contain any butter, but just water and flour. There was also a meat stew made. I inquired whether or not it contained butter and luckily it did not. The roti and stew gravy was delicious.

Roti Recipe:

Lesson: Eat before you go and let people know your dietary restrictions. Also come with an open mind. You may have to try things new to stay alive. After returning home I found out that roti does traditionally contain butter or vegetable oil as an ingredient. The chef who prepared the meal was not present therefore unable to answer that question. I will probably learn to make roti on my own with vegetable oil because it really was good along with the curry gravy. The great news is that I found some time to work on my contouring and selfie skills that day. Tell me what you think!


Couscous Dinner

This is what I had for dinner. It was delicious. It was simple. It took 10 minutes to make. Being vegan is awesome.

Now to elaborate lol! I made a small meal of mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, black beans, and pinto beans along with my couscous.  The couscous looked so good I put the rest of the food back in the pot for tomorrow. As you may notice the couscous is blended with a few other whole grains. I can’t name them all but it’s a good mix and quite pretty.

I have yet to share a picture of a meal I made for myself but I will do it more often. The couscous was seasoned with sea salt during the steaming process. What should I made for dinner tomorrow? I’m thinking barley and tofu. Budget-friendly suggestions?

The Unemployed Vegan

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from a great university in Philadelphia. I have held multiple employment positions, conducted 3 research studies, wrote a research proposal, spent time in the career office, found two mentors, applied to over 300 jobs, bought an interview suit, bought a padfolio, wrote an amazing CV, and made business cards. I still have no job and no job prospects. How do I fix this? And how in the hell does this translates to veganism?

My standard of living is the bare minimum at this point. I spend little money on groceries. I have a $20 gym membership. And I buy gas ( thank God gas prices are low). My gym membership I can’t get rid of. It’s great for my health and something to do so I don’t lose my mind. I need to buy gas for my car for obvious reasons, the gym and the possible job interview.

My vegan health may be headed for a downward spiral. I am limited in the types of groceries I can afford. I am used to buying mostly vegetables and some whole grains. The grains are cheaper and I get a great deal more than the vegetables. I can buy canned veggies. They don’t taste anywhere near as good as fresh so I’m not excited.

During my time spent at home I have been looking for cheaper options for household products such as making them myself. I can save money, have an activity to do during the day, absord less chemicals, and become more self-sufficient. This will help me save some money. My concern though is not saving but actually MAKING money.

How To? Does anyone have any clue on to how I can get a job? I have the interest of moving to Connecticut for the new year which would mean I will need a job for right now and a job there as well.

What does this employment mean for my health? What does it mean for my finances? My lifestyle changes will forever effect my diet.

A vegan who hates salad?!

I was thinking the same thing earlier…I’m a vegan who hayes salad. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good steamed vegetable medley and all sorts of grains, but salads are just not my thing. I think it’s mostly my hatred of lettuce which is usually a main componenet in salad. Luckily enough there are plenty of vegan meal options that do not revolve around cold lettuce.

Farmingamerica's Blog

“Project vegan” has been underway now for 5 days, so instead of writing about what I’ve eaten the last few days, I want to share some insight to the “actual” vegan world.  I’d like to introduce a colleague of mine who has been vegan for many years.

Meet Tammera, we met about two years ago and she has really opened my eyes to the vegan world.  The day it hit me is when I picked up Tammera and her coworker a couple of candy bars for all of the assistance they provided me throughout the week.  Of course when I arrived with their treats, I didn’t realize vegans couldn’t have the milk chocolate bars I bought, that was a definite failure on my part.

When I first met Tammera I was afraid to ask anything about the lifestyle in fear of being attacked by some crazy animal rights activist who…

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Omnivore Veggies vs. Vegan Veggies

Never did I think there would be a difference in the way a meal is prepared based on food preference. But then I became vegan and came to understand these differences and the pride that goes into every ingredient. Don’t mind me if I go into too many specifics but I want everyone to understand the point I am trying to make.


I made great omnivore food. My meals were pretty basic seeing as I was in college and living on a small budget. I loved a good pan seared salmon. I usually thawed the salmon and started preparing the Jasmine rice. Salmon was fairly easy to cook, so when it thawed I began the seaoning process. My favorites are black pepper, salt, cayenne, oregano, and paprika. After seasoning they entered the lightly-oil pan with onions and garlic. As my salmon was cooking I added water to another pan and threw some frozen string beans in. Once the string beans were nearing completion I sprinkled a little salt and crushed garlic. That was my meal. Its was simple and delicious.


My favorite vegan meal is a basic vegetable medley. I’m not a salad person, funny enough, so I eat my vegetables warm. I love a combo of black beans, broccoli, onions, garlic, spinach, cabbage, and mushrooms. Everything gets added to the pot based on how long it will take to cook. I cut all of my veggies so it creates a beautful portrait. I add seasonings to complement the tastes of each vegetable. Mushrooms only need a little salt and pepper. I like my broccoli with a kick which is where the cayenne comes in. I am new to the vegan world so there are few sauces I can make. Jamaican curry powder is my go to for magnificent flavor. It wakes up the vegetables in a way no other seasoning can. Coconut cream adds great flavor as well.


When cooking for a vegan the same dedication used to prepare meats in an omnivore dish is necessary for vegetables. Simply cooking likean omnivore  for a vegan will leave that vegan dissatisfied and bored with the meal. How would you feel if a vegan invited you over for dinner only to make rice and a side of string beans. Something would be missing. Probably a lack of flavor and creativity. Omnivores pay a great amount of attention to the meat portion of the dish usually leaving the veggies neglected to basic preparation. Also, new vegans, find your inner creativity. Experiment with veggies and whole grains. Two weeks ago I had no clue about Farro and now I love it. Explore all of your options to make great meals.

Vegan in Aruba

I’ve been back for a few days. It was a great vacation that was thoroughly needed. After spending weeks stressing about grad school and a full time job, I got the chance to relax and revamp. I returned home with great ideas for my future and less angst.

Foodwise: Let’s just say I knew the options would be limited. With me I brought oatmeal which was more than a necessity. I ate it everday with sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions from the omelet station. I really enjoyed the  country but I was disappointed with how “americanized” it was. Lots of KFC, Burger King, Wendys etc. I was hoping to have some real ethnic food. After searching that week I finally found some. Pan Bati and Amaro(hope I spelled it correctly). Great taste and flavor. Can’t wait to make it myself.

Now for the pics!

on the way back


Left: Amaro (rice and beans) Middle: Frech Fries Right: Pan Bati( cornmeal pancake)
Who would’ve thought Aruba was a desert


you can ride these dirt paths on UTVs


Veganism as a Choice

I am spending the last week of August in Aruba and my is it beautiful. This is my first trip as a vegan and I knew it was going to have its ups and downs but mostly downs. As a precaution I packed every vegan snack I could think of: nuts, granola bars, applesauce, oatmeal, powder coconut milk, and hemp protein powder. I was determined to stay alive.
 Upon arriving I knew my options would be limited. At an all-inclusive resort I knew there would be vegetarian options smothered in cheese. My biggest obstacle was finding items that weren’t doused in milk and cheese. I enjoy the choices and getting creative, so the struggle isn’t nearly as hard as I expected it to be.

The interesting thing about all-inclusive resorts is that they tend to have restaurants where you can have your meals made to order. I went to a seafood restaurant last night where the two vegetarian options contained cheese. I spoke to the waitor and told him that I did not eat meat, eggs, or dairy. He asked me what I wanted to eat because I was allergic to these ingredients. I was shocked to say the least. Apparently people who do not meat, eggs, or dairy do so because they are deathly allergic. It is as if to say that people only remove these foods from their diets out of necessity, which is true for some, but not for me.

I hate to sound self-righteous, but we need to move out of that mode of thinking. When a person tells you that they are refraining from eating certain foods do not automatically assume that there is no other choice. Some people choose to eat meat and some not. Others choose to only eat candy and others not. This illusion that vegetables sustaining a person’s life as a form of dietary recourse is unfair. We need to spread the word that veganism can be a choice and a great one at that.