Main Street Vegan- Victoria Moran

This book is a definite must read for people who are ready to take the plunge. It gives a very detailed analysis of the vegan world. The fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes necessary for sustained health are included. There are also some great recipes (vegan chocolate chip cookies!). This book is a necessity for those serious about becoming vegan and want to make informed health and ethical decisions.

How to be Vegan- Elizabeth Castoria

Excellent! It is purely excellent! It is a short book that lends a great deal of knowledge to people who are considering the vegan journey. It touches on things briefly that many did not think would alter a person’s lifestyle. Who thought that dating as a vegan would differ from dating as a meat-eater? But anyway, its synopsis on the vegan lifestyle: what to expect, what to avoid, and how to do it safely.


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