Never in my life did I think I would become vegan. It was a world far away from anything I had ever known. I came from a meat eating family and no one ever thought twice about it. I had a friend in high school who was vegetarian and I tried out the pescetarian life for a while. I eventually reverted back to my meat eating ways. After my second year of college I had gained a considerable amount of weight. When I first went pescetarian, I lost a few inches and thought that would be a great catalyst for my weight loss during college. Little did I know that just was not going to work. With the limited options in the dining hall and the array of fried starches the weight began to pile right back on. I went back to eating meat and made the choice to be more conscious about our environment and health after reading How to be Vegan and Mainstreet Vegan. Now I am on my way to a successful, healthy, and meaningful life. I am new to the vegan world and in need of a lot of help. I want this blog to be a safe place for people to express their concerns as well as grow together as a community of people who can look beyond their needs for the greater good.

Toriann C


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