What’s New? (Mostly Raw, Returned Natural, New Job, Different Career)

I have not fogotten you. So many changes have been happening and I have yet to update you guys on them. What I am doing with my life? I am not quite sure but I am definitely enjoying it. I will do my best to update you when things happen but in the mean time here is everything in a nutshell. 

Mostly Raw

I am going mostly raw. When I say mostly raw I mean that the majority of my diet will be uncooked (nothing over 116 degrees Fahrenheit) plant-based whole foods. Why this change? Well the truth of the matter is that after doing several detoxes the importance of raw foods is evident, however I HATE eating most raw veggies and only enjoy bananas year round. Thank God for the blender. I can eat my raw fruits and veggies in one swoop while getting all of my nutrients. I have never been a fruit person. For the longest I wasn’t eating any fruits at all. When I was in college I decided I wanted to start eating healthier so I began with bananas, a fruit I knew I would enjoy. Bananas were the only fruit I was eating for a while except for summers. Summer fruits are everything I could ever ask for. I love watermelon, honey dew, cantaloupe, and mangos. During my Spring Detox (details soon to come) I bought some frozen fruits (the summer ones) for the detox and I realized that I can enjoy a variety of fruits throughout the year without sacrificing taste in my smoothies. I planned on continuing with this lifestyle change until the weather gets too cold to continue and then I can pick it back up again once it gets warmer. My plan of action is to have a breakfast smoothie, cooked lunch, and a dinner smoothie with various fruits and nuts for snacks. Wish me luck on this journey and I hope you include more fresh fruits and veggies in your diet as well. It may also be important to note that I am not weighing myself as I make these lifestyle changes. Since going vegan I have gone down 2 dress sizes. I know this because I bought a dress for an event and tried it on. I went from a size 16 to 12. The dress was supposed to be form fitting and it was when I tried it on in the store. Three weeks later on the day of the event the dress was much looser. I am not on a weight loss journey I am on a health journey and I know that with health will come weight loss. 


Return to Natural

After spending a few posts discussing natural hair and the act of transitioning my hair is finally natural.  After five months of transitioning I just felt the urge to big chop (cut off all of the relaxed or damaged ends). I looked up and down for salons in my area only to find that natural hair salons were charging and arm and a leg. I ended up calling jc penneys and getting a much better quote. I went in with a style in mind. My stylist told me that the style I had chosen was cute but because of my face shape I should leave a few relaxed ends on to complement the style. I took her advice and loved it. My hair was mostly natural and it stayed that way for almost 3 months. My hair continued to grow but I was growing tired on the relaxed ends left on my hair that needed curlers at the end so my hair didn’t look crazy. I went back to the same stylist and she cut off the rest of my relaxed ends. I was just shocked at how thick my hair was. I love my hair. I sometimes wish I had done this sooner but the reality of it is that I was not ready. Returning to natural is not a hobby, it’s a serious commitment that I made for almost 8 months to grow out my hair and deal with two completely different textures, learn an entirely new way of styling my hair, using different products, and learning to feel confident in a new way. If you have chemically treated, color damaged, heat damaged, and/or breakage I would encourage you to think about taking the plunge and focusing on your hair health regardless of race/ethnicity, curl pattern, porosity level, length etc. My hair has NEVER been this thick, soft, and healthy all at the same time. It’s a journey that is well worth it. 

Relaxer Days
Getting it cut
Big chop pre big trim to natural

New Job/Different Career

Yes! I finally found a job. I have been there almost three months now and I love it. My title is Parent Mentor and I assist the parents of children who are under the care of the state regain custody of their children or maintain custody of their children all while assisting with day to day tasks and creating a more structured environment. This new career has me thinking about all of the other things I can do to help society so I’m thinking about counseling which is well within the lines of what I am doing now just with more in depth knowledge of behavior. 

Now that we are up to date I can start coming up with new topics to discuss. 
Bye Guys!!!!!!!