$30 For 2 Weeks of Groceries

How can that be? It’s the simple concept of a farmer’s market. These are some of the best deals that I have found as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned. My initial vegan journey began with lots of stops to Trader Joe’s. Don’t get me wrong this store is amazing but it will not be my go-to for most of my fruits and veggies simply because of price. I will however show up on a regular for a few items such spinach, kale, tomato paste, agave, chia seeds, hemp seeds etc. The savings I saw at the farmer’s market were like no other. I can confidently say that I can spend less than $20 and have enough fruits and veggies to last 2 weeks. Though the bulk of my shopping was completed at the farmer’s market, there were a few things I wanted to purchase at Shoprite such as brown rice and beans. The prices for these items were cheaper at Shoprite. If the farmer’s market sold brown rice it would have saved me soooo much money…but sadly they didn’t. Now the grocery list is not $30, but I ended up going to Trader Joe’s to purchase some of the items listed above along with frozen veggies.  With this newfound information and grocery venue I be able to truly live a whole foods plant based lifestyle that doesnt solely consist of carbs. I think I will post everytime I go shopping so you can see the bargains and begin on your frugal health journey. I can also post recipes of the meals I have made with my groceries to give you some ideas on what can be prepared. 

Here is my list with prices:  


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