Where Have I Been?

I have been gone for a bit of time, but it has been time well spent. I know I can log into my account and tell you whatever crap comes to my head but why not just wait a little while longer so I can provide you with some substantial information. The end of 2014 was a bit of a struggle for me. I had stresses with classes and friends and it all seemed to be too overwhelming. 2015 was my year of recovery. I focused on becoming myself again and getting back basics. Well now it’s 2016 and it’s Toriann’s Revitalization. I have never felt better. I am vegan. I am going natural. I am becoming a minimalist. I am health conscious. I am more aware. I am loving myself. The truth is that the better you take care of yourself the better you will feel, and I mean this from a physical and emotional level. Before the year started I began taking care of myself in a different way. Yes, I started eating a plant-based diet, but that’s not all of it. My diet has enabled me to feel better about my food choices and my impact on the environment. The more I read up on veganism the more I tend to find other health-conscious movements. 

This past week I began researching minimalism. What is minimalism you ask? It’s the idea that we don’t need more things to make us happy or even sustain us. It’s the idea that we should cherish the things and time that we have in order to do things that truly make us happy. This idea usually starts with a heap of decluttering: kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement, and closet. Anywhere there are things that are only take up space and do not bring joy to your life have to go. These things are baggage and are holding you back from oher things you could be accomplishing. How could a cluttered closet be holding you back? Well the cluttered closet is probably full of clothes you may never wear or have only worn once. What if you were able to return all of those clothes to the store and receive full price price for them? That new car may seem more attainable. That light bill may not be such a burden. That gym membership may be an option. I decluttered my closet, chest of drawers, and dresser. There were bags of clothes that went in the trash and bags that are making their way to Goodwill. There is also a small bag of things I may be selling. Through all of the rubble I found an entire work wardrobe, curtains for the living room I thought I would have to pay for, scrunchies and headbands, and more than enough toiletries to open up a Bath and Body Works. The toiletries were given to family by the way. Not only did I clear out the junk but I removed all of the clothes out of my life that did not fit perfectly and did not make me feel amazing in them. I am down to 2 jeans, 5 wear out shirts, 5 wear in shirts, 5 wear in pants, 5 gym outfits, and a capsule work wardrobe. I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a minimalist, but I think the hard work is done.  

I have become more health conscious. Yes, being vegan means I care about what happens to animals and the environment, but for some that does not translate into their own health. I have been doing a lot of reading on the scalp and skin in general. If people are following the no-poo methods of scalp cleansing then why are the lathering the rest of their skin? Shouldn’t the same concept apply? In the coming weeks I will be trying alternative methods of skin cleansing such as rhassoul clay and Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. I will also be trying alternative moisturizing methods such as oils and butters on my skins. I thought I would start out on the face first before I did my entire body. Right now I am trying the oil cleansing method using castor and olive oil. It is too soon to be doing a review but I will definitely get back to you. For those of you who do not know what the oil cleansing method is, it is using oil to cleanse the skin and rid it of acne, scarring, dryness, oiliness etc. I know it sounds crazy to think  of putting oil on skin but there is a method to the madness. 


This year I planned on making all of the necessary changes to ensure I was living my life to the fullest. I thouht there was no better way to put my plans in motion than by doing a detox. It is only day 2 of Dr. Hyman’s 10 Day Detox so there isn’t much to tell, but once there is I will let you know. These detox cuts out carbs, sugar, and most fruits. The breakfast smoothie is th only straightforward meal. All of the other meals are amendable to you taste palette and mood. You are given vegetables and nuts and seeds to choose from and you create your own meals. This is not my first detox and it won’t be my last so stay tuned.  


I forgot to say Happy New Year!!!!! What are my resolutions you ask? Well I don’t have any. Whatever I accomplish this year I want to continue past 2017. There are a few things that I want to become habits in my life: healthy eating, exercise, more reading, advanced education, great friendships, and continued success in whatever I do. 

Stay tuned for more!


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