Baby Shower Blues

First off I have no children and have no plans of having any for at least another 15 years. I went to a baby shower this past weekend and broke the cardinal rule of attending a non-vegan gathering: eat before you come or bring enough food to share. I did neither.

Before I left the house I knew my options would be limited. I was already hungry from not having ate anything all day. I decided to attend the shower last minute and quickly stuffed some granola bars in my purse and headed out. Once I got to the shower I consulted the hostess about the dinner that evening. She told me what was made and there was nothing for me to eat. The granola bars were only going to hold out for so long so I had to get creative. I found out that they were serving roti, which is a Guyanese flatbread with Indian influences. I assumed that because it resembled a tortilla it would not contain any butter, but just water and flour. There was also a meat stew made. I inquired whether or not it contained butter and luckily it did not. The roti and stew gravy was delicious.

Roti Recipe:

Lesson: Eat before you go and let people know your dietary restrictions. Also come with an open mind. You may have to try things new to stay alive. After returning home I found out that roti does traditionally contain butter or vegetable oil as an ingredient. The chef who prepared the meal was not present therefore unable to answer that question. I will probably learn to make roti on my own with vegetable oil because it really was good along with the curry gravy. The great news is that I found some time to work on my contouring and selfie skills that day. Tell me what you think!


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